Use of pharmaceuticals often involves the possibility of adverse effects. An injury is not covered if it results from medically necessary risk taking in the treatment of a disease or injury which, if left untreated, is life-threatening or may lead to severe physical injuries.

Neither is an injury covered if the adverse effect of the pharmaceutical is reasonably tolerable in view of not only the nature of the disease or injury that is being treated, the health of the injured and the extent of the injury but also specialists' possibilities and opportunity to foresee the effects of the pharmaceutical as well as other similar circumstances.

Insignificant injuries are not covered.

Pharmaceutical injuries insurance does not cover failure of the drug to have the intended effect, ie failure to cure the disease or injury that was being treated.

Pharmaceutical injuries insurance only covers adverse effects caused by due medication. If a pharmaceutical has been incorrectly prescribed or administered, judging by the standard of experienced professionals, or if the injury results from a prescription drug delivered from the chemist's contrary to the prescription or applicable regulations, the injury may be compensable under the Patient Injuries Act. Compensation for such injury can be claimed from the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre using the relevant form.

The policy conditions also exclude injuries resulting from use of pharmaceuticals acquired illegally or from misuse of pharmaceuticals.