Time window for remuneration basis of Pandemrix vaccination evaluated

Press release 17.6.2014

National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) today announced the results of studies related to the connection between narcolepsy and Pandemrix. Based on follow-up data from 2012, the studies particularly aimed to find out for how much the risk of narcolepsy has increased after taking the shot.

"We will carefully read THL's report. Based on that, we will make conclusions about whether changes to the time window are needed in the basis for. After that, the application of the remuneration basis will be evaluated case by case", says Asko Nio, director of the Pool.

The processing of the report began immediately, and conclusions will be made drawn as soon as can be achieved.

"Unfortunately, decision-making has taken a long time in some cases." However, as with international reviews, the new report by THL is absolutely necessary to resolve whether a case is remunerable or not", says Nio.

The evaluation currently being implemented concerns about 60 cases of injury. Most of the cases are still pending because it had not been possible to make a decision prior to receiving the report from THL. All applicants have been informed about the progress of decision-making.

219 injury reports submitted

The Pool has received 219 injury reports so far in relation to suspected narcolepsy caused by Pandemrix.

The Pool has given 150 favourable remuneration decisions and issued 34 rejections.

A total of 11 notifications were rejected because no narcolepsy was observed. A total of 23 of notifications were rejected because the symptoms began more than eight months after the vaccination was received. These cases will now be re-evaluated. In addition, 35 cases are in different phases of remuneration processing, where the approach was to wait for THL's report prior to making any decisions.

More details:

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  • Leena-Mari Tanskanen, Communications Manager, tel. 040 450 4676