A total of 289 reports of narcolepsy submitted

News 23.11.2016

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool has received a total of 393 injury reports in relation to Pandemrix until 10 Novemberr 2016. Of the injury reports, 289 were related to suspected narcolepsy caused by the vaccine.

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool has so far given 228 favourable remuneration decisions and issued 46 rejections. In addition, 7 cases are in different phases of remuneration processing.

A total of 23 reports were rejected because no narcolepsy was observed. A total of 23 of reports were rejected because the symptoms began more than two years after the vaccination was received. This is the "time window" for a causal connection decided upon by the Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool based on research data from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (NIHW). The NIHW will still continue its research on this. After the results are published, the Pool will make a new decision on the matter without the customer having to present a claim.