Revised grounds for compensation concerning narcolepsy

Press release 30.6.2014

According to new research data from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the window of risk for contracting narcolepsy after receiving the Pandemrix injection has been increased to two years. Previously, the time window was set at eight months.

Following this new research data, the Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool will change its remuneration basis for narcolepsy to accommodate these new findings. Cases where the symptoms can be proven to have begun within two years of vaccination are deemed eligible for compensation. The application of the remuneration basis will, however, be evaluated case by case.

"We are currently handling the claims and aim to resolve them as quickly as possible. In most cases, claimants will receive a decision within the next few weeks. Claims that require additional information will be resolved after the summer. All claimants have been informed about the progress of the decision-making progress", says Asko Nio, director of the Pool.

The current re-evaluation is applicable to approximately 60 cases. It is possible that majority of cases turned down due to the initial eight-month time window will now be deemed compensable.

More details:

  • Asko Nio, Director, Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool, tel. +358 40 450 4614
  • Leena-Mari Tanskanen, Communications Manager, tel. +358 40 450 4676