What personal data do we collect and for what purpose

The personal data to be collected depends on the type of customer relationship you have. The collected personal data may include the following:

  • Name and social security number
  • Contact information
  • Various information related to the management of the customer relationship
  • Information related to fulfilling statutory obligations
  • Information related to the use of products or services
  • Sensitive information, for example, concerning health or legal processes

The primary purpose for collecting and processing your personal data is to perform statutory tasks related to the management of insurance policies and compensations. Personal data can also be processed in connection with other tasks required by law or official regulations, such as actuarial or statistics operations and traffic safety. In addition to these, personal data may be used in product and service development, promotion of data security, marketing and other necessary customer relationship management tasks, and the prevention of abuse.

Personal data is only used for predefined purposes or purposes that are compatible with these. We always ensure that a legally valid reason exists for processing personal data. Usually, the need to process personal data is based on binding legislation or agreement such as an insurance policy.