On this site we will only give information on the content of the medicine liability insurance falling within our responsibility that was terminated at the end of 2011.

The claims process of pharmaceutical injuries has changed. From the beginning of 2012, the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company for Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities has been responsible for the insurance, claims handling and compensation regarding new pharmaceutical injuries as well as customer service related to them. New notices of injury are addressed directly to the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company for Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities.

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool no longer accepts new notices of injury. Pharmaceutical injuries resulting from the Pandemrix vaccination during the vaccination campaign in 2009 form an exception. Notices of injuries regarding those injuries will be submitted to the Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool after the change as well. The Pool will be liable for their claims handling and compensation in a centralized manner within the scope of the insured amount pursuant to its insurance terms.

The Pool will also continue as usual with the compensation of claims under its responsibility notified to it by 30 June 2012, as long as there remains compensation payable upon the injuries.