Claiming compensation

This page contains instructions to our customers whose customer relationship with us began before the deadline for reporting new injuries passed.

The responsibility for pharmaceutical insurance of the Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool ended at the end of 2011. The deadline for reporting new injuries in accordance with the insurance terms and conditions has also passed. Therefore, the Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool no longer accepts new notices of injury.

The Finnish Mutual Insurance Company for Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities is now responsible for all pharmaceutical injuries. All new notices of injury must be submitted to the company. The Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool will continue to handle the injury cases that were deemed as compensable before the deadline passed for as long as compensation for the injuries is due to be paid.

For compensation customers:

The pharmaceutical injuries insurance is a secondary compensation system, it is advisable to claim compensation under other compensation systems as well

The pharmaceutical injuries insurance is a secondary compensation system. The purpose of the system is to supplement statutory schemes. Due to this, the amounts paid or to be paid under statutory insurance policies or otherwise from public funds are deducted from compensation paid under the pharmaceutical injuries insurance.

Therefore, it is advisable to also claim compensation under the primary systems (for example, the Social Insurance Institution Kela) even if you are claiming compensation from the Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool.

What is the deadline for claiming compensation?

Compensation claims must be submitted within three years from the date on which the expense related to the pharmaceutical injury was incurred.

Claiming compensation

To claim compensation, you must fill in in the compensation claim form with which you can provide all the necessary details to make the claim. You can download the form on the ‘Forms’ page. The forms are only available in Finnish and Swedish.